Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On The Sopchoppy River

Late yesterday afternoon I slid my solo canoe into the Sopchoppy River at the Oak Park Bridge. The river was still quite high with the dark brown water reeeeally ripping. I enjoyed the burn in my shoulder and arms. Stroke, stroke, stroke, then glide. Pushing and pulling the water. Moving ahead, despite the strong current. Up and up this winding river. Left, right, and more to the right around the cypress trees and knees. I am lost to the mesmerizing swirling dark water with speckles of white foam.

The cypress trees hold tight to the bank and river bottom. Their long gracefully curved roots grow horizontally, then turn up and into cypress knees of fantastic shapes. Mostly the knees populate the steep bank of the river. But in one instance, the knees appear to have marched in a line across the river from shore to shore. I discover this was my destination where the river has captured my imagination.

From a canoe drifting in a fast moving river, I try to compose several spontaneous still photos. Then turn to begin an exhilarating glide downriver with the setting sun.

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1 comment:

  1. you're brave to be shooting while floating on a high fast river... but thats what photographers do. nice knees.