Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice on Floodplain Swamp at Wakulla Springs State Park

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It has been cold and the forecast is for more cold. It was 19 degrees this morning at sunup, and I did not venture outside until the temperature was in the 30's. So on this last day of my mini vacation, I drove to .... yepper .... the Wakulla Springs State Park where I work. I wanted to photograph the ice in the floodplain swamps. But by 10am, I had waited too long and most of the ice had melted. The ice is barely visible in the photo above.

In high contrast lighting, I often bracket exposure (over and under expose), then combine them using photoshop and photomatrix software to extend the dynamic range of an image. The first of the two following photos is the resulting color photo. The second photo below is a high contrast black and white conversion, using a sequence that produces an image that is similar to a pen and ink (the method is frequently called a drawing).

Here is the last image for this post.

Yo Ho! It is back to work I go!

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