Tuesday, January 26, 2010


(This was is a revised post from January 26 to correctly identify my email address. Sorry)

Late yesterday afternoon, I walked along Bottoms Road toward Fiddlers Point. I intended the outing to be more exercise than photography, but that changed when I encountered the glorious spectacle of the golden salt marsh and intense blue water and sky.

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These images were taken with a Canon G9 hand held.

At the seine yard, I turned to the left and walked northward along the shoreline of a narrow peninsula.

The wind and tidal currents create fantastic shapes and textures of the grass ...

and the shoreline sculps the water.

Looking into the sun, the cordgrass stems are pointy lines of silver and golden light.

Ahhh ... animated forms and textures and colors

This last image is a self-portrait taken of my shadow walking back to the car. So I did get some excercise after all.

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