Thursday, July 27, 2023

March 2023

I hope you enjoy the 72 images of this post.

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Smilax in my yard ...
I think these guys are spring-loaded to seemingly jump out of the ground!


Reindeer moss

New Sweetgum tree leaves

We had a bumper crop of Dogwood tree flowers this year
Wakulla Springs State Park

American Crow
Wakulla Springs State Park

Willow Tree flowers - one of the many plants releasing P O L L E N

The morning after a controlled along Purify Bay Rd
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Common Gallinule - Green Glow

Reflections of trees in the Spring Basin
Wakulla Springs State Park

This image begins a series of images along Alligator Point

Virginia Willow
Wakulla Springs State Park

Jeff and I walked the blue-blaze trail

Florida Anise    


Mountain Laurel

Chapman's Rhododendrom

Flame Azalea


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