Wednesday, July 26, 2023

February 2020

I hope you enjoy the 69 images of this post.

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Tidal marsh creek along Bottoms Road

Ernesto and George at Fiddlers Point

Low tide at Skipper Bay

Bonaparte's Gull
Bald Point

Sandpipers at Bald Point

Azalea in my neighbor's yard

Wild Plum

Reindeer Moss - Walk to Alligator Lake

Pied-billed Grebe with Crayfish
Wakulla Springs State Park

Common Gallinule
Wakulla Springs State Park

Anhinga ... crouching before taking flight

Early morning in the Oak Garden

Walk to see a marvelous Trillium bloom 

Went back to photograph the Oak Garden

White Ibis in "a field of" Pickerel Weed

Red Shouldered Hawk patiently waiting ...

A second Red Shouldered Hawk


Walking the beach at Alligator Point

Went back with Trudy to see the Trilliums

Common Gallinule
Wakulla Springs State Park

Osprey Vigil

Water is Life - Spring Basin
Wakulla Springs State Park


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