Sunday, May 24, 2020

February 2020 (2 of 3)

I hope you enjoy viewing the 38 photos of this post, 
the second of the three posts for the month of February 2020.

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This image begins a series of 4 photos made of the Aucilla
River Rapids, north of the road to Goose Pasture.

Wispy clouds and Longleaf Pine
East of Purify Bay Road, St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

White-tailed Deer checking me out
East of Purify Bay Road

Great Egret, Wakulla Springs

Double-crested Cormorant, Wakulla Springs

Common Gallinule, Wakulla Springs

Aninga, Wakulla Springs

Female Anhinga, Wakulla Springs

Colorful lichen on Bald Cypress, Wakulla Springs

Fallen tree in cypress dome, Wakulla Springs

Brown Watersnake (nonvenomous), Wakulla Springs

Green Heron, Wakulla Springs

Male Hooded Merganser, Wakulla Springs

Suwannee Cotter, Wakulla Springs

This begins a series 4 images of a Limpkin, Wakulla Springs

Note in this and also in the next image below the beige growth 
on the base of the Limpkin's bill. Dana Bryan said, "... it looks 
like an abnormal keratin growth, perhaps over an injury or 
some other malformation early in development".

Great Blue Heron eating a gar fish, Wakulla Springs

Male Anhinga, Wakulla Springs

Spider Lily, Wakulla Springs

Great Egret, Wakulla Springs

Robin - Cherry Laurel tree

This begins a 7-image series of White Ibis courtship. This was
my first time observing this behavior!

Note: Optionally continue viewing photos from February 2020 in the next post.

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