Sunday, May 24, 2020

February 2020 (1 of 3)

I hope you enjoy viewing the 32 photos of this post, 
the first of the three posts for the month of February 2020.

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Carrabelle Beach 1

Carrabelle Beach 2

Long-billed Dowitcher and Willet, Carrabelle Beach

Early morning winter tree scene, Wakulla Springs

Misty Morning, Wakulla River 

Little Blue Heron, Wakulla Springs

Morning Walk along Florida Trail near my house

Red-headed Woodpecker, Madeleine's house

Waterscape, Wakulla Springs

Suwannee Cooter, Wakulla Springs

Limpkin, Wakulla Springs

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Valentine's Day, 2020

White Ibis, Wakulla Springs

Ibis with ginormous crayfish!

Great Egret, Wakulla Springs

Waterscape, Wakulla Springs

Juvenile Alligators on mom's back, Wakulla Springs

This begins a 7-photo series of a hike along
the Aucilla River Sinks Trail.

Note: Optionally continue viewing photos from February 2020 in the next two posts.

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