Saturday, March 2, 2019

September 2018 Photos

I hope you enjoy viewing these 32 photos. 
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180 Degree Panorama of Bottoms Road. 

This marvelous road in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
is one of my favorite places to walk and soak in a scenic wild
and open space.

"For me, purposeful walking lies at the heart a well-lived life.
Walking defines us as a species. We are the ape who left the 
trees to explore the world. Walking made us curious and adaptable, 
which led to tool making, agriculture, community, and perhaps
to the point of forgetting that it was our two feet that got us here. 
In myself I find the purest peace experiencing this world in the 
simple way of our distant ancestors." - PJ Wetzel's blog

A Wedge of Puffy White Clouds in a Blue Sky
viewed from Bottoms Road

Early Morning on Alligator Point

Serene Glow of Morning Glory Flowers

High Character

Morning Twilight along Skipper Road

Sun Rise over the Gulf at the end of Skipper Road

Sharing the Joy

This image is my first post of a photo made with my new 
iPhone SE. This quality of its camera is remarkable. 

Thanks to Cal Jamison for telling me that butterflies were
puddling on the moist sand at McBride Slough.

Long Exposure of Flowing Water

The white lines are moving points of  
reflected bright light on the water flowing 
over a rock wier in McBride Slough, 
south of the State Road 267 bridge.

McBride Spring Run, downstream from 
the rock wier.

Hurricane Lilies in the Wakulla Springs State Park
(another iPhone photo)

A juvenile Walking Stick on pink lichen
(another iPhone photo)

Peace and Serenity

Focused on Fronds (1 of 4)

Focused on Fronds (2 of 4)

Focused on Fronds (3 of 4)

Focused on Fronds (4 of 4)

Sensuous Salt Marsh
along Skipper Road

Hermit Crab Retreat
(another iPhone photo)

Surreal Sand Patterns & Textures
(another iPhone photo)

Frond Fragment
(another iPhone photo)

AND this is yet another iPhone photo. This is the last photo
that I will identify as having been taken with this wonderful 
iPhone SE device.

Self-portrait, taken during cell phone
photography class.

Waterscape found while paddling Lost Creek.

"Be the flower, be the trees, the blowing grasses. Fly with the
birds, jump with a squirrel!” -Sally Carrighar

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