Monday, March 29, 2010


Although rather strenuous, the hike eastward along the coast from Purify Creek is one of my favorites to see the salt marsh.

To get there: From Highway 98 in Medart opposite Mikes Paint & Body shop, turn south onto Jack Crumb Road. At the turn to the left, go straight heading south on Purify Road. Near the end of Purify Road, the St. Marks Refuge provides parking on the left at intersection with the Florida Trail.

(Wearing high rubber boots) I walk eastward along the Florida Trail. Where the trail approaches the marsh within 50 yards to the south, I walk through the trees to the marsh, then walk eastward along the edge of the salt marsh toward Spring Creek. The red line is my approximate route on the Google Map below, where green is forest, grey is marsh, and black is water. Actually most of this coastline is wet land and water.

The sun rose through the pines and palmettos along the Florida Trail.

Ahhhh ... 45 degrees cool and blue blue skies.

Looking through limbs of cedar tree to a pine snag quite a distance out in the salt marsh.

Green resurrection fern on an oak tree

Seeds and new leaves of red maple floating in water ... the white specs in the water are pollen.

This abstract intrigues me: Sunlight filtering through the trees created patterns of light and dark; tree and blue sky reflections; and the limb pointing at a curious patch in the water without pollen.

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