Tuesday, April 16, 2019

January 2019 Photos

I hope you enjoy viewing these 38 photos. 
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Stinkhorn Mushroom
This group of mushrooms has a world-wide distribution. They
are known for their foul-smelling (rotten flesh/dung) odor and 
their sticky spore masses. So they attract insects to help disperse 
their spores. Verrrry interesting! 

Here's an entire, intact community growing on an oak tree limb.

Sweet Gum Leaf

Flowers of Red Maple Tree

I am sucker of for the repetitive 
patterns of palm fronds.

Yikes, so the shadow DOES KNOW.

Squirrel leavings (color)

Squirrel leavings (black & white)

Tree Thoughts

Yepper, another palm photo!

Branch of Magnolia Tree Silhouette

Branches - Blue Sky

Bottoms Road Sunset

Sky Reflections in the Salt Marsh (1)

Sky Reflections in the Salt Marsh (2)

End Of Day

New Day at Mashes Sands

Going with the Flow (of Sand)
Mashes Sands

Alligator Point

in drifts of wind-blown sand that settled in the moister sand
on the margin of the Gulf at Alligator Point


Live Oak - Saw Palmettoes
along the Florida Trail in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Clouds - Skeleton Tree

Wow, what a Scowl

Sunrise Whispy Clouds

Three Turkey Oak Leaves in a Row

Skag Tree


Parrot Pitcher Plant
St. Marks Refuge south of Sopchoppy

Foam on small stream flowing into Lost Creek
Apalachicola National Forest

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Gold Glimmering
Ochlockonee Bay

Evening Twilight Storm
Ochlockonee Bay

Sunrise and I'm Down Low Looking Up

Great Egret at Wakulla Springs

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