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Utah Vacation - April 20 to May 4, 2015

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BRIEF SUMMARY Trudy and I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and visited Utah's mighty 5 national parks (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, & Arches) as well as a tiny portion of the Grand Staircase/Escalante Natonal Monument, and flew from Salt Lake City back to Tallahassee.

An now a tiny sample of photos from the vacation:

Our Zion experience in the valley of the Virgin River was 
primo, with so much to see and so many trails to hike.

Virgin River along the River Walk Trail.

The red sandstone cliffs of the valley contrasted nicely with
azure blue skies. Elevation here was about 4,000 feet.

The Patriarchs.

Slickrock area beyond the mile-long tunnel in the eastern
portion of Zion.

Wandering off road/trail, we explored a
tiny slot canyon.

Groov'n on the wavy rock formations of our first slot.

We rented gear to walk in the shallow river up the Narrows 
beyond the end of the River Walk trail.

The sheer cliffs of the narrows were as high as 300 feet tall.

Bryce Canyon was our next stop.

View from the canyon rim of THE Amphitheater!

We walked a portion of the Queens Garden trail, but passed on
the steeper Navajo trail.

The temperature in the early mornings was in the low 30's!

Note the ice to the right of Natural Bridge.

We hiked a portion of the Bristlecone Loop Trail with an
alpine plant community.

Fairyland Canyon.

Our next adventure driving north was a 
hike on the Calf Creek Falls in the 
Grand Staircase/Escalante Canyon 
National Monument.

Clarecup Catctus

I couldn't resist this self-portrait with my
favorite rock of the moment.

From Boulder, Utah we drove east on the fabulous, 5-star
Burr Road.


... and more ROCK RULES!

The horizon seems so much farther away in Utah.

Ice and Aspens on a ridge line between Boulder and Torrey, Utah

This our trusty Thrifty Kia Sorento.

Is this the last gasp of an ancient juniper tree?

To the right of large cottonwood tree is the entrance to Long 
Canyon Slot.

The slot of Long Canyon is only about 1/3 mile long, round trip

And this slot is magical!

Capitol Reef The Narrows of the Cassidy Arch Trail 
was one of most awe inspiring hikes of our vacation.

I included Trudy in this photo to provide
you a feeling of the scale of this dry wash.

Pectroglyphs on canyon wall of the Narrows.

Canyonlands Mesa Arch

Canyonlands Grand View

Arches We arrived in Arches late in the day for dramatic
lighting at the Park Avenue viewpoint. 

Just when you think you have seen Utah's rock formations ...

View from Lasal Mountain Viewpoint.

Courthouse Tower

Moon over Balanced Rock

Trudy in an arch along the Windows Trail

Double Arch

Landscape Arch in Devils Garden. With a span of 290 feet, this
arch may be the longest in the world.

OK, so this Floridian is fascinated by rock.

A stop in the shade during an off trail
hike up Courthouse Wash.

Mulears flowers along the Salt Valley Rd 

Sage Lizard in Courthouse Wash.

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