Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lower Ochlockonee River on August 18

While kayaking 6.25 miles on the Ochlockonee River just upstream from the Bay, the sky to the west was illuminated by ... 


Next I encountered a tree limb leaning over the
water from the shoreline at a Native American
midden mound. Ahhh, the reflections in the mirror-
smooth water.

The reflections of the cloud and tree in this image are
so perfect, that it looks like an upside down photo
of a cloud under a tree branch.
So while standing in the shallow water, I intentionally
moved my feet to create ripples. This photo reveals 
that the clouds and tree are actually reflections.

So now I am all about rippling! 

Rippling is of course very different from making waves. Rippling is play. Making waves is serious ... like asking you to vote to protect the wetlands of Wakulla County in November.

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