Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wildlife on river boat rides at Wakulla Springs

I strive to go on the fine river boat tours at Wakulla Springs at least once each month. This month so far, I had the good fortune to go with park ranger Patty Wilbur on May 6 and volunteer Bob Deyle on May 8. The water level of the Wakulla River is quite high because of recent rainfall. And although I saw less wildlife than usual, the quality of the wildlife viewing was exceptional!

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The cattle egrets are nesting in the wax myrtle shrubs on an
island between the boat dock and the first turn in the river.
Note the breeding colors of this bird, including the red eye
and red, orange , and yellow bill. 

Several birds were busy collecting next material.

More cattle egrets in bright breading colors!

A pair of swallow-tailed kites dazzled us with an aerial ballet
... black and white spirals in an azure sky.

Osprey in the cypress tree at the entrance of 
the back jungle.

The remainder of this post are of the resident wildlife: an alligator, anhingas, Suwannee cooter turltes, and common gallinule.

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