Saturday, April 2, 2011


Trudy and I won an azalia from Native Nurseries as a door prize at a Sierra Club meeting about 15 years ago. We planted it near our home and it has thrived, gracing us with bright orange flowers each spring. This azalia is Florida's native flame azalia (Rhododendrum austrinum) that has been hybridized to make it more cold hardy.

I spent considerable time with the photos below ... I wanted the flowers as my eyes see them, with flowers in focus and the background a pleasant blur. All were taken with a 60mm macro lens shot wide open to achieve an extremely narrow depth of field. The first two images are composites by Photoshop CS4 of multiple photos manually focused on individual flower parts to get more of the flowers in focus. The third image is a single photo.
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  1. Nice work, Bob. Like that abstract single a lot too. (A unique spelling of azalea in the title.)