Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spider Lilies and Irises are SOFINE

These images were taken while paddling Cow Creek yesterday afternoon.

The creek is a short, narrow tributary of the Ochlockonee River. I launched at a boat ramp at the end of Rio Vista Drive (CR 370) located just south of the US 319 bridge over the Ochlockonee River. Cow Creek is an easy, short paddle up a narrow creek lined with wild rice and cypress. The creek is identified on the web page for the Big Bend Scenic Big Bend Scenic Byway

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Technical Stuff: I took multiple photos of all these flowers, using the 3-shot bracket (-1 stop, 0 stop, +1 stop) feature of the Canon G11. None of the photos were acceptable because of the bright sun and high contrast. Because the canoe drifted too much in the water while bracketing exposure, I couldn't use photomatrix software to automate making high dynamic range (HDR) photos. So I manually blended exposures using Adobe Photoshop CS4. For each of the photos posted above, an individual raw photo file was opened two to three times with different exposure, black, and brightness settings for the bright flowers and for the green foliage and dark background. These were placed in layers, layer masks were created, then a brush was used to 'blend' one to three versions into single photos.

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  1. Nice work, Bob. I've found your technique to be an effective alternative to photomatrix in many situations too (windy days, no tripod, in a boat, etc.)