Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salt Marsh Between Spring Creek & Shell Point

Yesterday was cool and clear: A perfect day for a walk along the coast!

I parked my car on the Cutoff Road between Spring Creek and Shell Point and walked south and east on a unpaved road through the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. In about 15 minutes, I turned south and after several more minutes of walking through coastal hammocks arrived at the salt marsh.

Amazing ... Palms, Cedars and Oaks border the Salt Marsh for Miles and Miles. In the distance, I could just see Goose Bay under a dazzling blue sky. Wearing rubber boots, I walked the margin of the salt marsh in both directions. And just as I began the return walk, a bald eagle called from the pines to south.

Smoke and Mirrors

Palm Melody

Fine Fronds

The Coast Is Clear in B&W

Bob Thompson

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